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What is ALL SHIKOKU Rail Pass?


The pass user must have a passport issued a government or other authority outside of Japan and hold Temporary Visitor status of residence under the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act.

Valid area

○The rail pass provides unlimited travel on the following railway lines and trains.

・Reserved and non-reserved seats on limited express trains and reserved and non-reserved seats on local and rapid trains on all lines operated by JR Shikoku and Tosa Kuroshio Railway

・All lines operated by Asa Kaigan Railway, Kotoden, Iyotetsu and Tosaden

○The rail pass is not valid for travel on the following routes, trains and sections (payment of a separate fare is required).

・The rail pass is not valid for travel on Sunrise Seto trains and all bus services.

・If you travel beyond the valid area of the rail pass, you will be required to pay the fares and charges specified by the railway company concerned for the sections travelled.

※The rail pass is valid for travel on the Seto-Ōhashi Line south of Kojima Station (operated by JR Shikoku); the section north of Kojima Station is operated by JR West. If you travel south (towards Shikoku) from Okayama Station via Kojima Station or if you travel north (towards Okayama Station) from Shikoku via Kojima Station, you will be charged the respective fares and charges starting or ending at Kojima Station.

Pass types and prices(in Japanese yen)

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How to buy

Rail passes can be purchased outside or within Japan.

Outside Japan

・Buy a voucher in your country of residence and exchange it for a rail pass at JR Shikoku Travel Agency sales/exchange offices after arrival in Japan.

※Vouchers can be purchased from the following sales offices and agents:
JTB Corp., Nippon Travel Agency, KINTETSU INTERNATIONAL, Toptour Corporation, Japan Airlines*, All Nippon Airways**, JALPAK, and their associated agencies.
* In this case, you must book a JAL Group flight.
** In this case, you must book an ANA Group flight.

・Vouchers can be purchased in the currency of the country where purchased. The price will be calculated based on the exchange rate and will fluctuate depending on the rate.

Exchange Voucher Sales AGT List

Within Japan

・Rail passes can be purchased at JR Shikoku Travel Agency sales/exchange offices.

・If paying by cash, payment must be in Japanese yen.


How to use

Seat reservations

・Seats can be reserved prior to boarding (at no extra charge) at a JR ticket office (Midori-no-madoguchi) in JR Shikoku stations, JR Shikoku Travel Agency offices and Tosa Kuroshio Nakamura Station, Sukumo Station and Aki Station. Seat reservations are issued from one month prior to the date of travel.

・If you wish to travel first class (Green Car), you will be required to pay the limited express charge in addition to the Green Car surcharge.


・The information on the voucher or on the rail pass obtained after exchanging the voucher cannot be changed.

・To change the type of rail pass or starting date, if prior to exchanging the voucher, you will need to apply for a refund for the voucher in accordance with the procedure described below in Refunds, and if after exchanging the voucher, you will need to apply for a refund for the rail pass and purchase a new rail pass.


・Refunds for vouchers can be obtained at the place of issue within one year of the date of issue. The specified service fee and communication charges will be deducted from the refund amount.

・Refunds for rail passes can be obtained at the place of exchange prior to the starting date. A service fee corresponding to 10% of the price in Japanese yen stated on the rail pass concerned will be charged per rail pass. No refund is made for rail passes on or after the starting date.

Loss or theft

Lost or stolen vouchers and rail passes will not be reissued.

Conditions of use

・Use of a voucher is subject to these conditions and the regulations of each issuing office.

・Use of the the rail pass is subject to passenger transportation regulations of each railway company, and Japanese laws.

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